Restaurant & Delivery Management

Juggernaut Apps gives restaurants an online menu, allowing easy ordering and delivery.

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Juggernaut Digital, Bringing Food Delivery Apps to NI

Compete with the global giants

Your largest competitors spend a fortune on custom built software solutions to power their delivery services. You can gain all of the benefits, without an expensive upfront cost or ongoing commissions.

Save time with our easy to use platform

Save time and effort at each step of the ordering process, by effectively delivering the right information to the right person at the right time. Break free of the limits holding your business back.

Increase sales & profit

Offering delivery services helps boost restaurant turnover, maximising your capacity. Customers seek out and expect delivery more and more in todays fast paced world.

Key Features

Online Ordering

Customers can easily browse, choose and order online from their phone, tablet or computer.
Repeat orders are even faster with address and personal details remembered.

Print & Notify

Print order slips to the kitchen or notify chef via a digital display.

Drivers can receive delivery details straight to their smartphone.

Status Tracking

Customers receive notifications and updates on the progress of their order.
GPS tracking available through driver mobile app (coming soon)

Quick & Easy Setup

We make it quick and easy to get started through step by step config guides and sample menus.
You can be ready for your first order within an hour of signing up.

More orders = profit

Offering a delivery service to your existing customers will bring a boost to sales. But we also have exciting plans underway which will bring you even more sales, from outside your existing clientelle.

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